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June 4, 2013
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Dark Lord Zero version 2 by ssbbforeva Dark Lord Zero version 2 by ssbbforeva
yes. yes I did.
depending on the feedback I get, I might change how he is portrayed in my comic to this.

I was trying to go for a more overlord feel, without losing everything that zero is. (dark, mysterious, unknown, all of the above) not sure if I got it, im really unexperienced in villains.

his head turned out too small in the top left picture >.<

and for anyone not familiar with my comic A Recurring Nightmare, zero and zero2 are two separate entities, and are in fact brother and sister. deal with it.

please give me feedback! not just "I like this" or "I hate this!" I really, really need it! and please keep it polite

oh, and im calling the world that zero and zero2 are trapped in the Divide. really original, huh? :slow:


name: zero

age: ???

species: ???

quote: "You don't understand, do you? I saw everything, I knew everything, but I could not feel anything for it. And now, I can make up for those years of lost hate."

appearance: originally a massive pale sphere with a single red eye in the center, zero created a vessel to contain his essence so he could escape the Divide. almost taller than dedede, he towers above his underlings. his skin is a sickly white, tinged with greyish blue. a single, blood red eye glares out from the folds of his red marked face, and three glowing red slashes float just above his forehead like a crown. whether he wears close fitting red and white attire or if it is his skin is unknown. he is extremely scrawny, and his ribs protrude slightly. where his arms should be, there are two gaping sockets that spew out a pale, red, gaseous energy. his clawed hands are not connected to his body at all, and float about. he wears a large red shoulder pad that stretches far out beyond his shoulders, which holds his billowing grey cape in place. 9 red slashes seem to drip from his shoulder pad. he often keeps his cloak closed around him, and wears a dark grey hood with a black piece of cloth covering most of his face. his "crown" protrudes from holes in his hood.

warning: slight spoilers to my comic
history: zero and his twin sister zero2 have always been in a separate dimension than ours, a dark place known only as the Divide. the only inhabitants, they were unable to feel any emotions whatsoever, neither love, hate, nor loneliness. yet they possessed incredible power, and were able to, well, forced really, to watch every single event that occurred in the dimension next door. every cloud that ever raced across the sky, every breeze that blew, every cell that ever divided was shown to them, and they were unable to feel anything the entire time. they could alter events that transpired, certainly, a little nudge here, a small explosion there, but what was the point if it brought them no satisfaction? and so they watched the worlds for all time.
eventually zero began to realize a plan to escape the Divide. by watching the attempts of nightmare (long, long before the war) to create false life and understanding what went wrong, zero began to construct, cell by cell, a vessel that would be able to hold his essence. after a mere 20 years in the making, zero was able to transfer his entire being into this one little vessel. the sudden rush of emotion nearly overwhelmed him, and it took him another year to realize that he had experienced joy. he wandered the universe for ages, trying to discover what gave him the most satisfaction. he soon found it.

personality: its not that he hates everything. its more that he enjoys making it suffer. he craves pleasure almost like a sadistic drug addict, and nothing pleases him more than what he calls "a true victory," meaning he wins, but not too easily, with just the right amount of struggle. he feels that winning by simply overwhelming his foes with brute strength or dark matter as both boring and pointless. he likes to get his hands dirty, rather than leaning on his dark matter army like a crutch. but he know that instantly revealing himself could lead to powerful retaliation, so he chips away at the planets defenses and will, until the right moment to strike is near.
he also has the tendency to act far superior to everything else, almost snotty, and will pummel anyone unlucky enough to appear before him with verbal abuse, most of it true.

weapon(s): over the years, he has become acquainted with nearly every weapon in existence, but his favorite tools are his bare hands. however, over the past few centuries, he has been wielding a massive curved sword with a plain red handle. not much is known about it, other than the dark matter that he surrounds himself with are deathly afraid of it...

strengths: despite his bony appearence, zero's physical strength is astounding. he holds his massive sword like it was no more than a toy, while others would be crushed by the weight. his favorite method of fighting is barehanded, as the fact that he has no arms to hit makes blocking his shattering punches nearly impossible. before you know it, he has a hand around your neck, and thats lights out for you. but again, he finds this method for victory boring, and prefers to use his vast intellect to crush his foes. a master strategist, he knows just how to make a society  hurt in ways they didnt think possible.

weaknesses: he has often been overconfident in the past, as well as vain. however, he has learned his limitations, and tries to work around them. his eye, for one, is extremely sensitive to light changes, which is why he often wears a hood. the bones in his torso are brittle, and can break if he is hit too hard.

powers: in his vessel, zero's powers are severely weakened. to make up for no longer being able to see everything, he has formed a link between him and his dark matter underlings so he can see all that they see. he can heal abnormally fast, recovering from severe stab wounds and broken bones in a matter of hours. his blood is extremely acidic, and can burn through solid rock in a matter of seconds.

likes: anything sadistic that entertains him (which is a lot); intelligent arguments; a challenge; surprises; inside jokes that only he understands; taking his time

dislikes: bright lights; being bored; easy wins; deadlines; losing (hasn't happened yet, but he suspects he wouldn't like it); having to go back to the divide; zero2; showing weakness

:bulletred: if his vessel is destroyed, he would be forced to return to the divide, as this dimension cannot handle his full power.
:bulletred: nobody really knows how dark matter came into existence or what role he played in their creation, but it is theorized that they were created when zero burst out of the divide, and as the "wall" between the dimensions tore apart, the pieces formed dark matter. but that's just a theory, of course...
:bulletred: he doesn't like to show it, but he is terrified of losing his emotions.
:bulletred: he sees himself as far better than zero2, but also knows that she could easily pull him back into the divide by destroying his vessel. he has become almost paranoid that she is waiting for the right moment to force him into his emotionless existence.


......that has taken the better half of three days. and im still not super happy with the bio...

I claim no credit to the actual canon version of zero, and this is just me editing his character
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zero 2 is a girl
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