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December 21, 2012
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Maja the Keke (old) by ssbbforeva Maja the Keke (old) by ssbbforeva

EDIT 2 this is now an outdated bio, check out… for the new one!

edit since this bio was so terrible, ive decided to completley redo it. hopefully its better :shrug:

so instead of working on my comic or my many overdue requests, i make a new character that i will likely never use! IM SO SMART! :dummy:

i decided to make Maja (pun off magic and/or majo, meaning witch in japenese, according google translate) after i saw concept art for the dreamland 3 enemy, the keke. i just had to customize it, and Maja was born. and before anyone says anything, I ADDED LEGS BECAUSE I CAN. DEAL WITH IT. and they make posing her on a broom way easier.

not sure about her color scheme, i might change it at some point. as for the design, i wanted to keep the same elements of the original keke design (black dress, black cat ears, silver hair, white shoes) and add some of my own style. maja is a friend of forta and hikos, but she wont be appearing in the comic, except perhaps in cameos.

i would like critiques, but please, be constructive and polite.

keke species belongs to nintendo, but maja belongs to me.


name: maja

species: keke

age: about 26

homeworld: rock star

appearence: unlike all kekes, maja actually has legs, although she wasnt born with them. apparently annoyed with being short, she use a transformation spell on herself to make herself taller, and after several disastrous attempts it worked. she wears a black dress with green rims and, and a green belt with a gold buckle. she has puffy green pants and plain white shoes. her silver flops over her forehead is bangs, and she keeps is in a ponytail. two black cat ears stick out out the top of her hair. her eyes are almond shaped, and used a spell to give herself long, catlike canines.

history: during her years on rock star as a child, maja ran away from home so she wouldnt have anyone telling her what to do. she had many friends in the desert, and played games all day. then when dark matter invaded the planet, maja managed to hide for a few months, but was finally found and possesed. she was kept unconcious during the entire ordeal, and only awoke several years later when forta and hiko freed her during their travels. after a few adventures with them (spoilers, so i wont elaborate) they eventually parted ways and maja became a wanderer in the universe.

personality: she may have the body of woman, but maja still has the mind of a child. she can be obnoxious, loud, rude, naive, yet still have a sweet childlike innocence. she doesnt know when to shut up, and this has gotten her into several tight spots. one thing that people do not immediatly suspect maja of being is reliable, and are always surprised when she never backs down. her determination to protect those she cares about can be rather frightning, and she seems to have no fear of death or pain, nor seem to truly understand the concept. one especially loathed aspect of her personality is her habit of experimenting with her magic on others, most usually to blow something up, whether it be purposeful or not. she is prone to violent mood swings, going from sad to furious to happy and loop back to sad in under a minute (a personal record). maja loves making new friends, although her new friends seem to be rather unhappy about the relaionship...

abilities: as a keke, maja has a natural talent for magic. but during her time possesed, her magic grew to massive and warped heights, and she has trouble controlling it. disturbingly, she has no trouble when using black magic, and one of her most infamous spells is drain life, where she literally steals someone's life force, and uses it to either heal herself/friends or use it as a power boost.

weapons: she doestn really have any weapons, but her and her broomstick are inseperable. she enchanted her dress so she can store things in her sleeves and pull them out when she wants them. the spell tends to glitch now and then, and random objects tend to pop out without warning, and at the most innopurtune moments.

weakness: her magic, while incredibly powerful, is short in supply, and she often runs out rather quickly. when out of magic, she has two choices: run (which she never does), or (if she does it before all of her magic is gone) drain someones life to replenish her magic. she has zero physical strength,and thus is easily crippled. when draining life from others, she has to be careful with how much she takes, as it can kill her if she takes to much. she has been known to go into a "power high," and then everyone is miserable, friends and foes alike.

likes: playing games; making things go boom; practical jokes; making fun of others; candy; sweetened milk; flying; being with forta and hiko; annoying kira; the color green; having legs

dislikes: fighting things; hurting her friends on accident (although she doesnt show it); being reminded of her time on rock star; dark matter; nightmare; anything that goes bump in the night

:bulletgreen: she greatly dislikes people making fun of her legs and/or puffy pants
:bulletgreen: she and kira tend to butt heads now and then, usually ending with maja pouting and kira... acting like kira.


i will be posting more art of her at some point, and im trying to get around to those requests and my comic.

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Ultra-Star Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! I was just wondering after seeing some Keke art on pivix. Do you think Kekes have cat tails?
ssbbforeva Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

hmm, I don't think so, they never had a tail in the games.

its theorized that keke's are based off of the miyazaki film character Kiki, a young witch who rode a broom, wore a large black dress and a giant bow, and had a black cat. adding a tail might make keke's less of a witch (and reference) and more of an anthro creature.

Ultra-Star Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe so. I don't know. I'm just doing some experiments with my character to see. It would not be too out of place for Kekes to have one though. 
CaptainCanada99 Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Too cute! She and Ionis would get along so well!
Dragonguardian253 Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wow,nice job on the bio and the sucking the life of someone spell is cool,yet scary at the same time.

Lol another adult oc of yours XD
ssbbforeva May 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
now that i think about it, all of my OCs are adults X3
Lol the most of mine are teens like Sisse and Sapphire(both are my main characters also) x3

I only have 2 adult ocs so far xD and its morning in my country now.. 6:30.
Ultra-Star Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Alright, let's see if I can give a critique from one Keke fan character owner to another. Let's start from the appearance. Okay, while I don't like that you gave her legs at least you gave a good reason as to why she would have them. Though, I wonder how short she was since most creatures from this world lack legs. Anyway, I think she looks good and doesn't change too much from normal Kekes.

Now for her background; it's quite interesting though maybe her background is too sad. I mean, being an orphan and being possessed so long by Dark Matter seems a bit much for Kirby characters. Plus, what did the Dark Matter do when she was possessed? Did she cause chaos for her home or something? Maybe this will be explained in a different comic since you did say spoilers.

Okay, let's talk about personality. I really like her personality and it seems to fit her appearance well. Though, I wonder if Maja has a split personality and it kind of seems that way. She seems to be more trouble than she's worth, but I like that for some reason.

Now abilities, seems the dark matter gave her a big boost in power which is understandable and her not being able to control it also seems understandable. That Drain Life spell does seem a bit dark for Kirby, but I think you should elaborate on that more since this spell is going to be her trademark. Like how much life force can she steal? Does she become different in anyway when she uses it? Is she afriad of using the spell? You know, stuff like that.
Her broom and dress seem very interesting. I might use the dress idea for Minta and how it glitches can add to Maja's personality even more.

Her weakness seem reasonable for someone who has very powerful magic. However, except for the Drain Life. If Drain Life is a spell then how can she use it if she's out of magic power? You also mention a bit more about the spell, but I think should have been placed in the 'Abilities' catergory. And this Power High; is it anything like Forta's Rage Mode?

Her likes and dislikes seem okay, but you mention 'annoying Kira', but Kira isn't mention anywhere else on in this bio except in the notes. Who is this Kira and what relationship does this person have with Maja?
Well, I hope this has helped you in anyway. I think his is a good character overall and I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.
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