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May 29, 2013
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Raito the Simirror by ssbbforeva Raito the Simirror by ssbbforeva
edit added more to the bio


well, i was playing through helper to hero on KSSU and i realized: hey, that simirror actually looks pretty cool! so naturally, i hop on the overloaded bandwagon of simirror oc makers. :stupidme:
ive noticed that everyone seems to either make simirror (bad) recolors, make them over the top creepy, or really tall. (although i have seen one good one, and i have a feeling that most people know which one i mean) so i decided to change the robes, make him short, and add some nuetral colors to the mix. a good friend of mine in class helped me come up with the color scheme, so give my unnamed friend a big round of applause :clap:
taking a very different approuch with this guy's personality, so bear with me if there are some funky sounding areas.
has anyone noticed that im obsessed with large gold buckles? i only just did.

name: raito

species: simirror

age: 12

current location: N/A

attire/appearence: raito wears a thick green robe with a chocolate brown hem, split down the middle. his sleeves are huge, drowning his arms. a thick brown scarf is tightly wound around his neck, fastened with a large gold buckle. a floppy brown hat with a wide brim and a green ribbon (again fastened with a gold buckle :meow:) covers his hairless head. his skin is a dull black color, and whether he is going shirtless or is wearing a tight black suit is unknown, although the latter is expected, as he doesnt seem bothered by it. his gloves and shoes are both a pale orange-yellow, and his eyes are a blank white.

history: born on the world of halfmoon, raito was the single child of two loving parents. however, he was often made fun of due to his failure to master his powers over magic, and grew up constantly bullied. but when 12 year old raito was cornered by his torturerers and forced to demonstrate his powers of teleportation, both he and the bullies got a massive shock when he was suddenly warped completely away from halfmoon and fell rather uncerimoniously onto Maja the Keke. completely lost and confused, raito burst into tears as a both indignant and sympathetic maja tried to comfort him. maja soon grew fond of the little simirror, and took it upon herself to help him both master magic and try to get him back home.

personality: timid and self deprecating dont even come close to describing raito. he completely lacks confidence of any kind, and maja's (albeit joking) constant jabs and insults dont help. he has the tendancy to stammer, and is constantly nervous. he can easily be overwhelmed by conversations and battles, and will run away and try to defen himself in blind panic. afterwards, of course, he feels awful, which makes him sink even lower.

abilities: despite appearences, raito actually possesses very powerful magic, only he has no idea how to use it. as a simirror, his strengths lie in light magic and mirror magic, which allows him to manipulate light and reflect his enemys' attacks back at them. however, the only spells that he has mastered are guard spells, and his attempts at offensive magic usually end in disaster, much to maja's annoyance. he can teleport and create illusionary clones of himself, but again, he has little control over it. but if there is one thing that raito can do right, its frustrate his opponents to no end as their attacks bounce off his nearly impenetrable shields.

weapon(s) of choice: his only weapon is his mirror scepter, a gift from his parents. it helps him channel his magic, and he cant do anything without it. he also keeps a little brown leather bag in his sleeves, a gift from maja that has the same enchantment (and glitches) as her dress. in case you dont know, it is a bottomless bag that lets him stuff whatever the heck he wants in it and call it back whenever he wants.

weaknesses: he has zero physical strength, and has trouble fighting in any situation. his lack of confidence causes him to hesitate, which can lead to disaster. his spells tend to go wrong very quickly. for example, when trying to use mirror cut, his sword will fizzle out/explode in a flash of light that blinds both him and his enemy. if he tries using reflect force, the mirror shards will fly in all directions, mostly missing his target.

likes: learning new things; receiving (rare) compliments; maja in a good mood; reading; being with his family; sunsets/sunrises; painting

dislikes: maja in a bad mood; insults; mean jokes; bullies; not being able to fight; the dark; being away from halfmoon; teleporting; demon beasts; letting his friends down

:bulletgreen: he looks up to maja as a mentor, and greatly appreciates her help with both magic and getting him back home
:bulletgreen: he actually has no idea what the name of his planet is (due to never needing to know), which makes finding where he comes from that much harder
:bulletgreen: he has never met forta, hiko, or kira, but has heard lots about them from maja
:bulletgreen: raito never knew about the war with nightmare, nor has he heard of dark matter
:bulletgreen: maja tends to get very annoyed over raito's inability to perform offensive spells, something that she excels in. the fact that her spells bounce right off his shields frustrates her more.

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