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    2 i said in my last picture post, i really have no idea what to say.

it is also late and i is very tired so screw proper grammar and capitalization.

well, as you guys probably could tell from my lengthy hiatus, it hasnt been great over here. school has me constantly exhausted, ive had several recurring bouts of depression, and i havent had the heart to do any proper art for ages.

...i wish i had a better reason for neglecting this account for so long, but thats really it.
im tired, guys. just, all the time.

...i doubt ill be able to keep up an active update schedule, if one at all. i do have stuff i would love to upload, but barely any time or energy to do so. so hopefully there will be a big art dump some time in the near future, but ive learned to stop making promises when school and work is involved.
also i managed to land my first job at the local art store and im super happy about that but hnnnnnnnng so tired

but you guys probably want to know about ARN, huh?

...i wish i had good news.
im sorry guys. im so, so sorry. but i cant continue with it.

that doesnt mean i didnt try! oh, how i tried. i tried doing the next page, then i tried restarting it, this time using actual storyboards in hope for finding some general direction.

but... well, to be blunt, i started to hate it. not being able to make it work, having people relying on me to deliver the story they deserved, and knowing that without a clear plan everything would just end up in a huge jumbled mess filled me with guilt and bitterness. i couldnt even bring myself to look at anything kirby related because it made me feel so awful. 
so i decided to quit before i ruined the series for myself.

i know that its been so selfish of me to keep you guys in the dark for so long about this, but i guess when it comes to this sorta thing, im just a coward. i couldnt bring myself to dash all the hopes everyone had in me, even though i knew waiting would just make everything worse.

im sorry guys. you deserve better than what i could deliver.

...I really need to head to bed at some point.
g'night guys.
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Foreva Brawl
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
(under construction)

Who am you?
Name's ssbbforeva, although you can call me Foreva, Brawl, or ssbb. I consider myself a quiet rebel, meaning that I reject all stereotypical ideals of teenage girls without making it obvious. Everyone has a Facebook? I don't. Everyone Tweets everything? Not me. Everyone absolutely must have their cellphone with them at all times lest they develop disturbingly severe withdrawal symptoms? Pffft, as if.

What do you like?
Well, there are a lot of things that I like. Some of my hobbies include drawing (obviously), ceramics, reading, and video games. I love creating characters, fan and original, although most of mine all stem from the Kirby franchise. I also have a passion for fantasy, especially dragons, which have been my favorite creatures since elementary school. Book series, like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Deltora have been my companions for years. I've recently developed an adoration for a variety of (fully clothed) anthros, and have been trying to make my own.

What are your pet peeves, or dislikes?
Oooooh man, where do I start. I've found that many of my grievances seem to stem from my overall lack of faith in humanity. I cant stand it when people try to piggyback off of my work, even if they are friends of mine. If people try pretending that they're my friend just so they can get something from me, that's even worse. I have serious hatred of romance, especially in stories. I dunno, I've always felt that all of the smooching, the drama, the clichéd love triangles get in the way of the important, interesting stuff. Needless to say, I hate character shipping even more, and if I catch someone trying to pair ANY of my characters with ANYONE, well... it'll be one dark day. Oh, and I don't like horses. * I just don't.

Why are you here?
I've never felt like I belonged anywhere. I like the things no one else does, I think on the why rather than the what, and I (naturally) have teen depression. When I found Deviantart, I found people that had the same interests as me. Here, behind the wall of anonymous, I can express myself without all of the judgment of high school.

Can you help me with my art?
Of course I can. I'm always glad to help a fellow Deviant with improving themselves, and eventually soaring above me. I consider myself good at giving critiques, and if you have a character that you feel could use a reboot, but you don't know where, I'm your gal. I don't like hurting peoples feelings, so I do have the tendency to sugarcoat a bit. If you're scared of getting a critique that will make you feel like worthless crap, again, I'm right here. HOWEVER, as mentioned before, I hate it when people try to use me. I've had plenty of experiences where random Deviants will shove their things in my face, expecting me to fix it for them. I'm not a cure-all, heck, you may not even like what I suggest. So unless you actually want to man up and put your back into it, don't bother coming to me. I take this place seriously, and I expect you too as well.

Will you please accept my requests? (which are still closed btw)
Often, I enjoy drawing other peoples characters, especially when art block has me in a headlock. Often, if the requester has given me the go-ahead, I'll try to improve a character's design. But again, DONT FRIGGIN TRY TO USE ME. Due to my, errr, massive overload of requests that I got the last time I opened them, I'm going to have to resort to commissions. However, I know that some of you guys don't have points, so to make sure that you are just as committed to this place as I am, ART TRADES WILL BE FREE.




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